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“Archstudija” Limited was established in 2005. On the 1st of July of the same year, the company was certified
by Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, certificate No. 4802, to design specific structures.
“Archstudija” is the company that consolidates some of Lithuania’s leading architects for effective cooperation.

The company’s primary specialties are project management and administration, i.e. complex design.


Corporate vision is multi-dimensional. First of all, we intend to become the ones who work effectively, on time
and innovatively, whose projects show up by very high quality, we aim to be competitive on the international level.

  • To be the most reliable company in the design and project management market, that meets Customers’ needs  and demands;
  • To provide the highest quality services;
  • To be the best company for employees, ensuring their interests and work satisfaction;
  • To create conditions for partners to expand and develop.


  • To provide high-quality design services to public and private sectors.
  • To meet Customers’ requirements.
  • To help managing business processes effectively.
  • To ensure employees’, shareholders’, and Customers’ success.

We have been working hard for all these years, so our present works are a challenge to standard architectural projects.



  • Our work is guided by principle of responsibility.
  • We do meet our obligations.
  • We promise only what we are able to accomplish.

Value creation

  • We offer modern and up-to-date solutions to our Customers.
  • We do realize the importance of using new and innovative technologies, so we apply them.


  • We constantly raise our qualification and improve working skills.
  • We are looking for optimal and advanced work methods.


  • We step forward vigorously.
  • We accept the occurring challenges with courage.
  • We aim to develop and increase, and to use our experience.

Certificates and licenses:

Certificate No. 4802 to design specific structures.

License No. 1 R-VP-17 „To make projects on Land Acquisitions for Public Needs”

License No. 1 R-KP-77 „To prepare Rural Land Management and Community Infrastructure Development Projects“

License No. 1 R-ŽF-216 „To make projects of land plots formation and rearrangement“

Certificate No. 91540B "Standart ISO 14001:2004/LST EN ISO 14001:2005"

Certificate No. 91540A "Standart ISO 9001:2008/LST EN ISO 9001:2009"

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